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This Speaks For Itself

As of 10/31/05, Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee Cash on Hand: $9.1 million
As of 10/31/05, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Cash on Hand: $20.5 million

(via Hugh Hewitt via Byron York via PoliticalMoneyLine)

As adept a fundraiser as Chuck Schumer is, there is almost NO chance that this is due strictly to his acumen. Also, given the other numbers (which show both the RNC and the RCCC well out in front of their Dem counterparts) there is very little chance that this is an indicator of a fundamental shift in the body politic.

No, this is almost certainly the result of an inept and rudderless Senate GOP. Those who give their money are those who, very likely, gave their money two years ago and four years ago, both in the expectation that judges would get confirmed, ANWAR would be opened up, tax cuts would become permanent, and the Senate would be firm in its support of the President in the War on Terror. NONE of those things have happened with the regularity it should have.

When you don't deliver on your promises, people don't pony up their support so willingly.

I wonder what the Colorado picture looks like. (anyone, anyone?)

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