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A New Agenda

I noted last night that the President should begin to attack on several new fronts in an attempt to re-claim the second term of this Presidency.

Today was a good start--a very good start. Though I was hoping for a Luttig appointment, I really have no reason to prefer one over the other, and by all accounts Judge Alito is an outstanding jurist very much in the mold I would be hoping for.

Tomorrow the President is announcing his administration's plan for dealing with the potential outbreak of avian flu. Okay--sort of a pre-emptive reaction to events, but out in front on a pending issue. That's good.

By the way, can anybody explain why Russert calls it "evian flu," like the bottled drinking water? Are we going to be threatened by our supply of snooty water?

Anyway . . .

I think the next step is one that has broad support, both popularly AND politically: the President should announce an increase in funding and training for the border guard. Though it will be difficult, it is an absolute must from the perspective of national security and of fiscal responsibility to close the borders.

The political will does not exist at this time--that is, a consensus has not formed around--a guest worker program, or a broad deportation approach. However, there is very little dissent about the need to get control of the traffic of illegal immigrants into this country. In conjunction with this, he could and should announce new private-sector investments and economic investments in Mexico (if there are jobs there, they won't come here).

And it needs to happen fairly soon--gotta keep control of the aganda.

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