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More Election Fallout

I think, to emphasize the first point I made earlier, that Friday's Denver Post makes it pretty clear how Referendum C got over the hump in the last few days--MONEY.

A $570,000 contribution from three of Colorado's biggest Democratic donors to support Referendums C and D was a precursor to next year's big-money battle over control of the state legislature and the governorship, analysts said.
In the campaign's waning days, billionaire heiress Pat Stryker gave $280,000 and technology millionaires Tim Gill and Jared Polis gave $250,000 and $40,000, respectively.

Remember these names? This is the same cadre that ponied up about $600k last year to buy back the state legislature. Guess they're planning on making it sort of an annual thing.


And the Rocky lent some space to all three announced gubernatorial candidates this morning. I'll try to give you the gist of each:

Bob Beauprez: a mild call to streamline state processes services following a fairly simple (but surprisingly little-used) crucible of should it be done? by whom? and who pays?

Bill Ritter: a similarly mild call to improve how government does what it does, while clearly recognizing the cautious nature of the permission slip the voters gave the state last week

Marc Holtzman: following a brief attack on Bob Beauprez, he hit some of the same specific policy ideas he discussed with us RMA-ers on Thursday. In this, he is far ahead of his opponents, in that his policy ideas are very specific and are the result of effort on his part, not just theorizing.

As a complete aside, the more I see and hear from Bill Ritter, the more I'm convinced that there's a major Democrat lurking in the wings to jump into the governor's race. I just don't see this guy making that step--he just doesn't fit the profile. I guess that's too bad for the Dems--I actually think Ritter is sort of candidate who could credibly hold the middle.

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