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Media Bias? What Media Bias?

Just for fun, try something this morning. While reading your morning paper, flip on the morning news, and compare the coverage of two similar stories.

Story A: the riots at the Summit of the Americas; Story B: the riots outside of Paris, France.

Now, look at the relative importance of these stories. Story A is predictable (remember Seattle?), stars all the usual suspects (complete with a prominent cameo by Hugo Chavez), and will go away as soon as the summit breaks up. Story B has come out of nowhere and has lasted now for eight nights, stars large groups of young Moslem men attacking a bastion of western civilization, and shows no signs of weakening, either by interdiction or boredom.

Now, which story SHOULD get more coverage? And which one does?

By the way, every time the media flashes to Central America, listen closely for the reference to the historical pattern of protesting this and similar events, including some pretty violent protests of Bill Clinton.

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