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Long Weekend Straw Poll

Hugh Hewitt has up a strawpoll to occupy our thoughts over the weekend.

For the record, I changed my vote in this straw poll. Up until now I had given a slight nod to Sen. George Allen of Virginia, changing that to support Condi Rice in the "fantasy" poll.

But no more. No Senators need apply.

Clearly there is a tremendous vacuum of leadership in the Senate right now, and until that gets sorted out in a satisfactory fashion, I repeat, NO SENATORS NEED APPLY.

Therefore, I have cast my (completely meaningless) ballot for Rudy Guiliani. Is there anybody else anywhere that has the record of true leadership that Rudy has? I can't think of anyone right off the top, and that's why he jumped to the top of my list.

Follow the link above and give voice to your own thoughts.

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