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Election Night

Well, it looks like Referendum C has passed tonight. For a while it looked like it was closing a little bit--probably enough to make some people nervous--but it never got closer than about 35,000 votes, and right now it looks like about a 46,000 vote margin.

However, in typical Colorado fashion, the voters of this state have managed to split the baby. That is, they seem to have defeated Referendum D, though by a very close margin. My knowledge of Colorado campaign laws is limited, but I think the current margin is too wide for an automatic recount. That doesn't mean some of the deep pockets won't fund a recount, but we'll see.

The political ramifications of this are really hard to predict. First of all, it's sort of a split decision; secondly, the big issue, C, did pass, but not by very much--certainly not by a margin reflective of the 3-1 spending advantage supporters enjoyed; and third, it's hard to say that Dems, who unanimously supported this, gain any advantage because two of the three most effective advocates for C were Republicans--Gov. Owens and Hank Brown. I think it may be pretty safe to say that Mayor Hickenlooper is a winner in all this, and I think it's also safe to say that the split in the state Republican Party bodes very ill for next year.

I'm not as frustrated as Clay, but I am thinking the state party is in pretty close to disarray, and is in need of some strong leadership.

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