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Back From . . . The Kitchen

What better for a long holiday weekend than for a . . . remodeling project?

Yes, the last five days--and resultant blog silence--have been totally occupied with tearing down a wall, mudding up the hole, re-mudding the hole, painting the hole, trying to texture the ceiling to hide the hole . . .

Sound like fun?

On the other hand, my house looks about 100 sq. feet bigger, and the wife is reasonably happy, so . . .

Of course, this is just phase 1; as with all projects, it leads into another project, which leads into another project, which . . .

You get the idea.

All of which is my way of explaining my silence the last few days.

So, to re-enter the fray, I commend to you the much-commented on op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Senator Joe Leiberman. A pretty significant piece of writing, don't ya think?

I then commend to you the MSM coverage of this piece and the Senator's presser today.

NYT: nothing (at least not online as of 12:18 am MST)
WaPo: a short (in terms of column-inches) article in today's based on the Monday conference call
DenverPost: nothing (as of my press time)

Again, what liberal bias? A prominent Democrat, one-time candidate for Veep, writes an op-ed chastising some for trying to snatch "defeat from the jaws of victory" and he gets almost no press; another prominent Democrat, a decorated war hero, calls for an immediate withdrawal a couple weeks ago and he's got all the press for three days.

No wonder the country has no idea what's going on in Iraq.

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