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That was the vote on a "Sense of the House" resolution put forward by the House GOP leadership on the heels of John Murtha's call for a withdrawal from Iraq yesterday.

403-3. Guess that newfound courage of the Democrats couldn't quite survive the bright lights of day.

I watched some of the debate--hardly Lincoln-Douglas, let me tell you. The basic Dem line was "it's not right to question the patriotism of a man who served his country for 37 years in the Marine Corps." Of course, nobody questioned his patriotism; we all questioned his judgement. My favorite moment was from a younger member of the GOP caucus who came to the podium, said "Rep. Murtha is a friend of mine, I respect his service, and I think he's a great American. But this isn't about his service, this is about his headline." And then proceeded to show the translated version of the Al Jazeera headline from today. Pretty devastating.

Maybe we can all enjoy our Thanksgiving with a little bit of quiet from the Seft.

Yeah. I don't think so, either.

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