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This Doesn't Sound Like An Indictment Is Coming

First of all, let me stipulate to the fact that I KNOW NOTHING! I am not a lawyer, nor was my father a lawyer, so my understanding of some of the legal intricacies involved in a grand jury are little more than basic. But I do know logic, and . . .

If Fitzgerald's team is still interviewing the neighbors to see if they knew what she did for a living, that sounds like a bad thing for the case. If the beginning of the case is the potential "outing" of a covert operative, and the investigator is only just now confirming the depth of the operative's cover, that pretty well draws into question the entire investigation, doesn't it? If the logical premise for an inquiry is false, than is it even possible for all other premises and conclusions to have any meaning? Of course not.

Then there's this tidbit, from deep inside the front page story:

But after grand jurors left the federal courthouse before noon yesterday, it was unclear whether Fitzgerald had spelled out the criminal charges he might ask them to consider, or whether he had asked them to vote on any proposed indictments. Fitzgerald's legal team did not present the results of a grand jury vote to the court yesterday, which he is required to do within days of such a vote.

Fitzgerald also had a 45 minute meeting with a judge, from which no new information emerged.

The grand jury is set to expire in two days, and they still haven't been told what charges to consider, much less vote on indictments within a time frame that meets the burden established by the law.

Now, I could be very, very wrong about all this. But nothing that I've seen presented either officially or unoficially make s me lose sleep for the futures of "Scooter" Libby or Karl Rove. And the wild speculation coming out of Washington only helps confirm some of my thinking--if anybody actually knew anything, the talk would be a little less hysterical, it would seem.

At any rate, it does seem as if this whole mess will be concluded in just a couple days.

So we can get back to more pressing things . . .

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