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Silence On C and D


Just so you know . . .

Has anybody else noticed the complete LACK of new information regarding Refs C and D over the last few days? No polls, nothing really new from either side . . .

Don't you think if one side or the others' internal polls were showing strong movement one way or the other, that that news would have somehow leaked out? Or, better yet, if one side or the other was increasingly confident, that they'd have put up the money for a public poll? Of course, that would require substantial cash on hand; let's see, which side has more money . . .

Couple that with (as Ben pointed out) Joan Fitz-gerald deciding NOT to run for governor (a run that she speculated would hinge on the passage of C and D), and announced candidate Bill Ritter's, shall we say, careful support for C and D, and you start to develop a picture of one side beginning to lose confidence.

Like I said, this is complete speculation. But you learn a lot from body language; and right now the body language of the supporters C & D is, well, skittish.

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