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Senator Salazar Wades In Again

Thus spake Sen. Salazar:

"It's troublesome to me the comment would be made," Salazar said at a Tuesday news conference in Denver. "It seems to me, all of the (information) the White House knows about Harriet Miers should be made available to the Senate and the American people. If they're making information available to Dr. Dobson - whom I respect and disagree with from time to time - I believe that information should be shared equally with a U.S. senator." . . .

"If information is being shared with people in a hidden and secretive way, I think that's wrong," Salazar said. "We need to know who it is that we're confirming to this lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court."

Boy, it didn't take very long at all for good ole, well-grounded, level-headed Ken Salazar to adopt a strong sense of Senatorial privilege.

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