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Quick Takes

A. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been indicted for not being particularly honest with the grand jury.


First of all, anybody who apparently has a hugely successful legal background who manages to rise to the inner circles of Washington without understanding the dangers of not having your *^%#! together when you go in to testify before a grand jury deserves to be hung out to dry. Lying is wrong--lying under oath is criminal. Not bright (if true).

But mostly that's pretty good news. Fitzgerald could not make a case that a CIA agent had been "outed," nor could he pin any charges on Karl Rove or make the case that there was a great conspiracy at the White House. And before any lefties get worked up that "Rove is still under investigation," I would just encourage you to hold your breath waiting for any news on that front.

B. Harriet Miers withdraws, Bush to pick new nominee.

It was becoming increasingly clear that Miers was a no-go candidate, from her erratic track record to her hostility among the base to her underwhelming meetings with Senators. Pulling her off the field was an unfortunate, but necessary, admission of defeat.

Call it a tactical retrograde.

C. Economic Growth still very strong, at 3.8%, despite hurricanes.

Hello?? Is there anybody listening? Did anybody else hear this news on Friday?

D. Iraqi Constitution certified, ratified

Yet another under-reported bit of great news. Just another beam in the foundation of a free, stable, and peaceful Iraq.

All of this news from the end of last week really just points to one overriding political consideration: the President's second term REALLY has to start this week.

It is quite clear that in the year following re-election, this White House has had precious little success in getting its agenda accomplished, or at getting its message out. The agenda has, largely, been controlled by events and ineptness.

It is time for that to change.

Over the next several day I will be outlining a series of issues I think it would be wise for the White House to address, and for which even local candidates can use to their advantage. Yes, I know--why listen to me? Well, you're still reading, so . . .

Look, I'm not saying with any degree of credibility that there's the remotest chance of anybody taking my advice. I'm just speaking as one guy from the middle of America who's watching a Presidency flounder, and who thinks there are some things people care about out here that aren't getting any attention.

And it all starts with Monday morning , 8 am, the President announcing Michael Luttig as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. He's a man with judicial experience, a pedigree nearly unparalleled, and the sort of temperament that could withstand 20 minutes of furious questioning by Joe Biden. Not only that, all reports have him as being very bright and affable, and very capable of making the sort of national impression the John Roberts did.

If there has to be a battle, make it a battle you can win, with the absolute right person to fight it over. And it's very likely that such an appointment would tip off a filibuster, . . .

So battle, it is.

BtB, Red State is hearing Justice Alito. On the other hand, they've been wrong on the last two, so I think I 'll just wait until the presser in the morning.

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