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A Plan?

Daniel Henninger, in the Opinion Journal Online, has laid out a four-step plan for the President to get his ship back on its moorings. It looks like this:

1. Withdraw Miers; nominate Edith Jones
2. Go to Iraq, make a major speech
3. Get the new Fed Chairman right
4. Embrace Spending limits

I'm not entirely sure I agree with the whole list, but it is interesting. To be sure, I have already called for #2, though I thought a prime time speech to a joint session was the way to go; and I think #3 is a no-brainer.

But #4 is, perhaps, not the most politically sound move; the political gains he would make in the base would be offset by those decrying the "heartlessness" of the administration (What? you were thinking that he would get credit in the press or anywhere else for fiscal discipline? that's a no-win situation.).

And I'm not sure about #1, either, though I have to admit I'm more open to the possibility than I was a week ago. I continue to be disturbed by the White House's ineptness at handling the PR aspect of the nomination, and I haven't heard more than token approval of her answers to the Judiciary Committee's questionnaire. I'm not entirely sure, any more, that this is a hill worth dying on. But then, nominating Edith Jones seems like picking an enormous fight that, in his current condition, he might not be able to win. And again, maybe because of his own party (remember the Gang of 7??).

It is an interesting idea, and one I will entertain for a while.

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