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More C & D Polls

The Denver Post has a poll today on referenda C & D. The information from this poll is about the same as the one I wrote about the other day.

If the election were held today, 47 percent of the poll's 625 respondents said they would vote in favor of Referendum C. Forty-four percent said they would vote against it, and 9 percent remain undecided.

Poll respondents are split on Referendum D: 44 percent said they would vote yes, 45 percent would vote no, and 11 percent were undecided.

My memory and instincts from the other day seem borne out by one of the election experts interviewed in the article.

The narrow margin suggests that the ballot measures are likely to lose because undecided voters typically opt for the status quo, Coker said. Another factor is Republicans compose the biggest group of undecided voters.

"Unless it's over 50 percent, I'm always skeptical," Coker said.

I would be curious to see numbers about expenditures in the campaign for C & D. The supporters are making a big deal about the $240,000 that are coming in from out of state to help the Independence Institute fight the ballot initiatives. Yet that couple hundred thousand--out of total expenditures of $320 k) SEEMS like small change compared to the expenditures by proponents of the initiatives.

And still, with all the help getting the message out (including an endorsement today by the Post editorial board), Colorado's natural fiscal tendencies are showing.

. . .the poll uncovered several bad omens for backers of the ballot measures: too many undecided Republicans, slipping support in the Denver suburbs and a majority of voters who say they'd accept across-the-board budget cuts.

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