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Just For Some Perspective

Remember just a few weeks ago, how all the Lefties were comparing the events in New Orleans to a "third world" country? Well, as if on cue, we now are reminded what actually does happen when natural disasters hit a third world country:

Officials initially said the powerful, 7.6-magnitute temblor killed at least 2,000 people. But the toll was widely expected to rise, and by Sunday morning, the Pakistani army's top spokesman said the military believed more than 18,000 people had perished, according to news services. He said 41,000 people had been injured.

Now, granted, in the days following Katrina, the mayor believed 10,000 people had perished--of course, he was proved wildly wrong.

Let's pray that the Pakistani military is similarly wrong.

And, just in case, let's pray for the Pakistani people, anyway.

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