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The Big Picture

Much good news out of Iraq in the last couple of days--much of which is getting largely ignored.

:The coalition released a letter from Aman al-Zawahiri to Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi revealing, among other things, that Zawahiri is somewhat, er, indisposed to various forms of communication of late, that the Pakistani army is hounding him, and that al-Qaeda is a bit short of funds right now. For a thorough discussion of this letter and its implications, see Powerline.

:And a compromise has been reached between the factions in Iraq that all but guarantee the ratification of the referendum this Saturday.

These seem to be, I don't know, IMPORTANT developments. And, notably, both of them point to successes of the policies of the President.

Maybe the press will begin to notice the pattern of successes emerging from Iraq.

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