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Again, God Bless The English Speaking Peoples

While the French and the Germans and the Russians are busily trying to augment their own national incomes by helping Iran develop a nuclear program, our good friend Tony Blair is keeping his eye on the ball.

Tony Blair warned Iran yesterday to stop meddling in Iraq, saying that Britain would not be intimidated by Iranian-linked roadside bombs that have killed eight soldiers. . . .

"I want to be very, very clear about this - the British forces are in Iraq under a United Nations mandate. There is no justification for Iran or any other country to interfere in Iraq.

"Neither will we be subjected to any intimidation in raising the necessary and right issues to do with the nuclear weapons obligations of Iran under the atomic energy agency treaty."

Couple that with the President's speech on the War on Terror today, and you get the sense that leadership in the War on Terror is very much a trans-Atlantic thing, and that our most natural ally is, as it ever has been, our stoutest ally.

Gad Save The Queen and her Prime Minister.

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