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Today's Hall Of Fame

I need to update one of my first nominees: WalMart (remember them, those union-hating, greedy, cat-beating corporate robber-barons) has upped the ante to $23 million.

Jerry Lewis, who diverted some of the proceeds from his annual Muscular Dystrophy Telethon to the relief efforts, to the tune of $1 million plus.

John Carolan and Charlie Hackett, who ". . .kind of together decided we would defend what we have here and we would stay up and defend the neighborhood," says Hackett, an Army veteran . . ."

Michael Jennings, who "doesn't have relatives or even know anybody in southern Mississippi, but he and friends nonetheless collected supplies, loaded them in a small trailer and drove more than 350 miles to a poor neighborhood in north Gulfport."

And, lastly, they patched up that hole . Looks to me like all that's missing now is a little duct tape . . .

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