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Somebody Noticed Air America!! Here In Denver!! UPDATE

Joanne Ostrow, media writer for the Denver Post, has penned today's column on the scandal brewing at Air America; more importantly, she has noted the almost total MSM blackout on the story.

Anyone looking for evidence of liberal bias in the media found it this summer in the too little, too late coverage of the Air America investigation.

What's that? You haven't heard of the Air America scandal? That's the point.

It's a good column which seems to accurately sum up what we know about the scandal to date. But she also gives major props [street term] to an unlikely source for the MSM to point to:

Fourth, the power of the blogosphere is not to be denied. The persistence of Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Barone, Brian Maloney ("Radio Equalizer"), Ed Morrissey and other bloggers kept this story alive.

Way to go Captain and Commish!!

Her conclusion is, well, obvious:

And fifth, sometimes when right-wingers and their more reasonable conservative brethren claim that the media is biased in favor of the liberal side of the story, they have a point.

UPDATE: Linda points out that the Rocky Mountain News had an editorial on the subject back on August 13th. I'm sorry I missed that, but, to a point, I think that helps make the point. I'm a fairly careful news-reader, and if I missed the (heretofore) only reference in the local press to the Air America scandal, then there is little chance that the vast majority of people not plugged in to the blogosphere have heard about it.

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