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On Refs C & D

Something occured to me tonight, as I was ignoring the commercial with Gov. Bill Owens shilling for C&D. And that something is this:

The Governor's decision to support C&D--the $2 billion solution to a $400 million problem--rings too much of denying the success of Republican governance over the past several years. In particular, it faults the very mechanism through which Colorado has, arguably, fostered economic growth and prosperity.

Yes, the state government has had to cut back the last few years--so have most people whose lives were effected by the recession. The fact that Colorado emerged from the recession quicker than the rest of the country, and that through it all our unemployment was less than that of the country in general, should be a pretty good indicator that the state of our economy was always on solid ground. And much of that is due to TABOR.

What? You didn't think a mandatory increase in spending on education was the catalyst for economic stability? Investments like that pay off down the road.

I'm not denying that there's a problem; what I'm saying is that C&D make radical alterations to TABOR which will forever alter the fundamental structures of it. And, in so doing, probably encourage the sort of fiscal irresponsibility TABOR did such a nice job of reining in.

And, I may not know all the details; if there was a way to improve the fiscal state short of C&D, nobody ever made much of a case for it.

My point is this: for the governor who helped draft TABOR as a legislator to support this restructuring is nothing short of an admission of failure, despite evidence of success. And I suppose that is what bothers me most about his position.

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