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Long Limb, Waiting For One Saw . . .

The House passed the $51 billion Katrina relief package today, with only 11 members voting against it.

Yep. You guessed it. Our own Tom Tancredo was one of those eleven.

Okay--I get it that he wants the government to spend the money wisely; and that he has a beef with state and local officials--a beef I share. And I suppose it's fair to say that a multi-billion dollar effort like this will have huge bits of graft and pork.

But, c'mon, Congressman. Just for a moment setting aside whether it was the right thing to do--which, I think, still might put you on the losing side of the argument--could you be any more politically tone-deaf? Honestly, if you want anybody to take you seriously, you're going to have to start finding a way to make your points without looking as if you've wandered off the reservation. Find a procedural way--an abstention, a non-vote, anything else that doesn't make you look uniquely detached and unfeeling.

You have some important things to say about immigration; don't let momentary pique drown out your political instincts, which will in turn drown out your message.

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