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Just Another Popular Uprising, part II

The strange phenomenon that has become Cindy Sheehan took another twist today.

Mrs Sheehan was joined by about 30 supporters in her march down Pennsylvania Avenue to deliver a letter to Bush urging him to pull the troops out of Iraq. [via Reuters via Confederate Yankee via Powerline].

Yeah, you read that right, THIRTY supporters. What a joke.

A sad joke; strangely emblematic of what happens to people whose 15 minutes has been stretched too far by the press.

We can continue to feel sorry for her--the death of a child is something that nobody can possibly say they understand. The very thought of burying one of my children steals the breath from my lungs and freezes my heart.

But we should be outraged at the Michael Moores and the rest of them who used her in their own cynical chess game, and then abandoned her as soon as they had a new pitch to swing at.

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