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"It Says So Right In The Referendum . . . "

Supporters of Referenda C and D are running a television ad right now saying that C and D are not tax increases because, and I quote, "it says so right in the text."

Well, that's good enough for me.

But let's just work through this one.

If I go to buy a movie, for instance, and the clerk estimates that it will cost me $20, but it only rings up as $15, how much do I actually pay for it? Or, better yet, what kind of a fool would I have to be to not expect to get $5 back from the clerk?

So if the clerk decides to keep the extra $5, no matter what for, doesn't that become for me a price increase? The clerk may have other plans for that $5, but in the end I'm still $20 lighter in the pocket.

Sounds like a price hike to me.

Looks like a tax increase, smells like a tax increase, quacks like a tax increase . . .

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