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I Understand The Point

that Hugh Hewitt and Captain Ed were trying to make last night about holding off criticism of ANYBODY until after we've saved all those who need saving and get them the help they need.
It would be the high road, the lassy thing to do, and the one that keeps everybody's energies best focused.

But it seems we're in a gunfight, to take that road would be to approach that gunfight with a knife.

We've seen through the month of August--and, indeed, throughout President Bush's terms--how slowness or failure to respond to the administration's critics has had the effect of crippling much of the President's agenda. The President must take the high road, but those of us out here who support him have to do what we can to defend him.

However, in the spirit of that idea, I will be sure to focus at least one post a day on the genuine heroics of those on the ground, the generosity of the American people, and the real truimph of the spirit SO in evidence in 90% of the effected areas.

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