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"I Keep Trying To Get Out, But They Keep Sucking Me Back In!!!"

Poor Ken Salazar. I have noted before how his act of trying to live in the world of Washington Democrats at the same time as representing Colorado had to be a difficult one to maintain. Today we have more evidence of that dichotomy.

During a conference call with reporters, Salazar said he would oppose Janice Rogers Brown or Priscilla Owen, two U.S. circuit court judges the U.S. Senate recently installed on the bench following a blistering confirmation process.

"This president, frankly, sometimes acts like a king," Salazar said. "He's imperious. He believes he controls Washington and controls our country, and does so sometimes in a way that, it's his way or the highway, and doesn't take into account what other people are thinking...when they have a different point of view or are (from) a different party."

Well, isn't that SPECIAL?

First, he makes a campaign promise; then he joins the Seven Dwarves striking a deal preserving the possibility of a filibuster while temporarily foreswearing it; then he introduces Alberto Gonzalez to the Senate JudComm; then he votes in favor of John Roberts; then he makes this outrageous statement.

No matter how hard he works to maintain the appearance of moderation for his constituents, he keeps getting "sucked back in" by the Washington establishment, much like Al Pacino in "The Godfather, Part 3"

The quote above isn't even the most ridiculous thing he said in this conference call. That prize goes to this:

Salazar wants the president to publicly release the so-called "short list" of Supreme Court candidates before making an official nomination, which could come at any time.

Really? What right does he have to ask for anything from this President, who, according to the story, has already had conversations with more than 80 Senators?

More to the point, what sort of gall does it take to ask the President to contribute to the opposition research? Sure . . .why not??? Here's the people you guys should start looking at--in a few days, I'll tell you which one to actually focus on.

Of course, there was also this:

"I'd hope that if the president does move forward with someone like Janice Rogers Brown, many Republicans would join us in basically telling the president, ‘No, we won't accept somebody who is professionally unqualified and is an ideologue.'"

Is that the same ideologue who just passed the Senate with 56 votes? The same ideologue who was reelected in hopelessly liberal California by 70%? The same unqualified professional who has served on the California Supreme Court for years?

Ah, Senator Salazar . . . Sort of like trying to dance to Stravinsky, don't you think?

You know, the problem with straddling the fence is that it only takes one foot slipping to cause you to fall, and we all know what body part hits first when you do.

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