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Hall Of Fame

Ellen DeGeneres, who, along with her show's distributor Warner Brothers, have led off with a pledge of $500k, and a promise to match all viewer's donations to her relief fund up to another $500k, bringing the total to $1.5 million.

Deion Sanders, the outgoing football star, who has challenged all professional athletes to donate $1,000; the total if just the football players come through would exceed $1.5 million. Sanders noted that "God has given me a platform, and not just for football" to answer what has motivated him to this challenge.

Coors-Molson Breweries, which have pledged to match employee contributions to the relief effort dollar-for-dollar (I don't know if there is an upper limit on what they'll match).

Shaquille O'Neill, the gigantic basketball star, who has been in Baton Rouge since Sunday with his own airplane lending assistance to relief efforts.

The New York Yankees organization, which donated $1 million to the relief efforts.

Hillary Duff, who to my knowledge was the first Hollywood star out there working on this, has pledged $250k.

This is, obviously, an incomplete list. For instance, I left off the names of all the Coast Guard and National Guard helicopter pilots and corpsmen who have bee literally lifting hundreds, if not thousands, to safety.

And, of course, everybody out there who has donated to a charity to try to get relief going in the right direction.

Keep up the good work, and send me other nominees for the Hall--we need to recognize when our better angels stand up and sing!

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