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Fair Is Only Fair

If the President and FEMA can be blamed for all the horrors of New Orleans--including the 10,000 dead--then shouldn't he also get credit for the fact that 10,000 seems to be a bit overestimated . . . .

Like by a factor of 10-20!!!

I'm not saying that it's actually reasonable to give credit in that fashion. But, is it just possible that this may point out that the response--both local AND federal, as well as personal--might have been just a little bit better than advertised? Maybe--and I know it's still VERY early--the fact that the death toll may be only in the triple digits is a remarkable miracle given the scope of this tragedy.

And maybe the right response for everyone now is to just get down on our knees and pray that the number doesn't climb much more, and to thank God for His mercy.

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