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Colorado Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You

In case you missed the news, this, according to Saturday's Rocky Mountain News.

Colorado's work force in August swelled to a record level for the month - 2.233 million workers - while the state's unemployment rate dropped to 5 percent from 5.3 percent in July.

The latest numbers also showed that Colorado's nonfarm work force is only about 15,000 workers shy of its all-time high - reached in December 2000, before the state's economy hit hard times due to the bursting of the Internet bubble. . . .

The increases add to evidence that the state continues to distance itself from the hardships faced in 2002 and 2003, when Colorado lost 75,000 jobs in each of those years.

Kinda makes that whole "urgent need to change TABOR" look a little less compelling. So now the case is simply that the State GOVERNMENT is going to have less money without a change--the solution to which is, of course, YOU having less money.

Again, I say, why isn't Governor Owens out there touting the successes of his economy, instead of trying to dismantle one of the key components of that?

And, speaking of governors, I noticed GOP candidate Marc Holtzmann on the tellie, working to defeat Referenda C and D. Bold move--shows some gumption and leadership. Also makes you wonder where the other candidate is on this issue right now.

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