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And In The Category of "Stupidest Thing Said In A 'News' Article . . ."

We have this entry from Ellen Knickmeyer of the Washington Post:

Violent attacks -- unknown before the invasion -- have killed more than 3,000 since late spring.

(full disclosure--this is actually the caption an the website, so I don't know if the attribution to Knickmeyer is fair or not)

3,000 since late spring, huh? Let's see . . .let's assume "late spring" means May--so that time frame is roughly five months. Which would make the annuitized rate of violent deaths about 7,200.

Okay. Saddam was in charge for about thirty years, and so far, we've found mass graves for about 400,000 Iraqis. That puts the annuitized rate under Saddam at about 13,000 per year.

7,200 . . . .13,000. Huh. "Unkown before the invasion?" Oh, maybe it's the whole "violent" thing.

Well, that doesn't quite hold up either, does it? Can anybody credibly argue that those who died in Saddam's torture chambers didn't die violently? How about the Kurds? Not violent?

Thus the entry this category.

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