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This Is An Important Question . . .

Which finds a way to avoid the obvious answer.

Paul Campos asks the following in his Tuesday Rocky Mountain News column:

As the fourth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches, an obvious question should be asked: Why has al-Qaida - the name given to the loosely affiliated terrorist network inspired by Osama bin Laden - not launched even one follow-up attack within the United States? Even more surprising is the fact that no Islamic terrorist organization of any kind has carried out such an attack on American soil since then.

Campos then provides three possible answers: one, the terrorists are in the planning phase of a devestating attack; two, that they are unable to launch a major attack, and underestimate the effect that a series of small attacks would have on the public; or three, that there simply aren't functioning terror cells in America at this time due to our response to 9/11. He concludes that this third possibility is the likely answer. This theory would seem to be backed by Occam's razor - the logical principle that the simplest explanation that can account for all the available facts is generally best.

Of course, there is a fourth possibility which Campos ignores: that, lacking an indigenous Islamicist presence, such foreign fighters as pulled off 9/11 are OTHERWISE OCCUPIED in Iraq. And that, after all, was the whole point of an agressive approach to fighting the War on Terror--fight them there so we don't have to fight them here.

So far, so good. (knock on wood)

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