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Taking a Big Cut

I like George Will. Sure, he takes a certain elevated grasp of the English language to understand; and, sure, sometimes he wanders into cul-do-sacs of his own prose that need the other side of the roadmap to come back out of. But more often than not, he sees things as they are with as much clarity as anybody in the punditry business, and expresses his observations with acerbic wit reminiscent of Frasier Crane (except, of course, George Will has been around a lot longer . . . but I digress).

Tomorrow's offering is no different. Here is my favorite paragraph:

It [the GOP] is showing signs of becoming an exhausted volcano. Regarding Iraq, it is mistaking truculent asperity and tiresome repetition for Churchillian wartime eloquence. Regarding domestic policy, intellectual anemia has given rise to behavioral patterns not easily distinguished from corruption, as with the energy and transportation bills. Yet the Democratic Party, which by now can hardly remember the far-distant past when it was a volcano not of molten rhetoric but of serious thought, seems preoccupied with the chafing around its neck. The chafing is caused by the leashes firmly gripped and impudently jerked by various groups such as MoveOn.org that insist the party adopt hysteria as a policy by treating the Supreme Court nomination of John G. Roberts Jr. as a dire threat to liberty.

From the right side of the plate, a smash right back down the pitcher's gullet at the ineptness with which we wield a majority, and from the left, a high, lazy fly ball that inevitably finds the bleachers in right field in Wrigley, and there's nothing the pitcher or the right fielder can do about it.

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