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Not To Be Petulant, But . . .

I wonder where in the world all the wonderful, caring, compassionate, superior peoples are who are trying desperately to get aid and assistance to the disaster-ravaged regions of the American Gulf Coast.

It seems to me that us selfish, egomaniacal, self-centered, cold, and arrogant Americans with our brutish, violent military had boots on the ground providing technical, logistical and humanitarian assistance to hostile governments within hours of the tsunami.

So, where are the great efforts to offer assistance to us in our time of need?

Of course, it goes without saying that those same superior SOBs who criticize our efforts are in no position to lend assistance themselves because their economic policies have left their countries without the wiggle room to give much in foreign assistance, and those same policies have left a 'military' or humanitarian infrastructure with nowhere near the ability to muster meaningful assistance.

But I find it curious that I haven't seen one headline about a foreign leader calling up the President to offer condolences and assistance, nor do the Canadian or United Nations websites even mention the disaster or relief efforts underway.

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