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Kettle, Meet Pot; Pot--Kettle

The local Lefty outlet has sent out a press release, which reads thus in part:

On his radio broadcast yesterday, James Dobson compared stem cell research to Nazi atrocities. Using the suffering of millions at the hands of the Nazis for his personal political gain was beyond the pale, even for Dr. Dobson.

Now, let me say first, that I am an advocate of the "Rule Of Hitler-isms"--once you resort to comparing anything to Hitler or the Nazis, you've pretty much given up the reasonable high ground in any argument. And, to be fair, I also have not heard or read Dobson's comments--I'll get around to that later.

But let's just for a moment compare this outlet's past record of reacting to "using the suffering of millions at the hands of the Nazis for his personal political gain" to this, shall we?

On Dick Durbin comparing the treatment of prisoners at Gitmo to the Nazis:


On Robert Byrd comparing the Constitutional Option with regard to the judicial filibuster to the tactics used by Hitler:


On Rick Santorum (Republican) invoking the Nazis to make a rhetorical point re: the faux outrage of the Dems vis-a-vis the judicial filibuster:

I'm sure it sounded good at the time, but I really don't get it. Oh, wait a minute, it's some kind of majority-uber-alles thing.

Crap, now I'm doing it...

On MoveOn.org holding a commercial contest, one of which entries faded the picture of Bush into the picture of Hitler, calling the two the same:


On Judge Guido Calebresi saying Bush rose to power in much the same way as Hitler or Mussolini:


On Al Gore calling the use of blogs and other new media similar to the Brownshirts (Nazi political enforcemnent troops):


Do you see the pattern?

NOBODY should be invoking the name of Hitler or the Nazis to make any sort of comparison to the political maneuverings in 2005 America. NOBODY!

But spare me the selective outrage. It's laughable, and silly, and. . .well . . .

SO symptomatic of today's Democrats.

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