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Horse to Camel to Mule

Have you heard this one? What do you get when you ask a committee to put together a horse? A camel.

What if that committee is a high-profile political commission? A camel with a bum leg and saggy humps.

What is this thing that the 9-11 Commission has turned out? I would submit: a mule.


I think we always knew that the commission was going to be nearly crippled by the political intrigue that was going on so publicly during the hearings. But I don't think anybody thought that the commission was going to be thoroughly corrupt.

Which is what it now appears to be.

The news of the commission's choosing to leave the information out of its report that they got from the Able Danger team brings into question ALL of the rest of the report.

But as much as I'd love to keep bagging on the commission, I have nothing useful to add to the already excellent coverage by Powerline, Captain's Quarter's and others.

So what I'm able to add to the coverage is this quick overview of the coverage of this story in the major papers tomorrow morning.

Remember, it was just this afternoon that the spokesman for the commission admitted that the commission had gotten briefed by Able Danger twice.

So, here's where the story appears tomorrow (today):

WaPo: page A09, 9 paragraphs
NYT: nothing
USAToday: unclear--online edition carries AP story from 1:30 this afternoon
WashTimes: unclear, though it does carry the AP story

Now, compare that to the non-stop coverage that the major papers gave to the much less useful or incendiary August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing, and you get an idea of where the media has chosen to lay its cards.

By the way, some on the right have already started to lay all of the blame for this at the feet of Jamie Gorelick and Rep. Hamilton. And to be sure, they deserve some blame--she as the motivation for the coverup (oops--did I use that word?) and he as the Dem vice chairman of the commission. But if this information got to the commission--as it now appears to have--then the whole commission is culpable, Republicans and Democrats alike.

I guess it just goes to show the underlying corruption ingrained into the Washington mindset.

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