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Freudian Slip?

The Denver Post lead editorial this morning is about the seeming rush NOT to be governor, noting the recent denials of candidacy by Mayor John Hickenlooper of Denver and the dropping out of Rutt Bridges. But in the course of making a tongue-in-cheek argument for former Mass. governor William Weld to run for governor, it slips through this little feaux pas.

Weld would be perfect here. He's a proven tax-cutter, and this is a celebrated tax-cut environment. He's a moderate Republican, just like Ken Salazar. Even better, he's never taken a controversial stand on Referendums A or C or D, or any other issue in Colorado history. That would make his campaign a lot less messy.

Yep, just like Ken Salazar. Other than that whole Ken-Salazar-is-a-Democrat thing.

Makes you wonder if the editors just missed that, or if they were taking a little swipe at their old friend Ken Salazar.

And making the argument that he's a tax-cutter in a celebrated tax-cut environment? Yeah, other than that whole Ref-C-$3 trillion-tax-hike-which-isn't-a-tax-hike-but-is-great-for-the-state thing.

But at least it was good for a morning chuckle.

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