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Catch 'Em Doing Something Right

Again, in this week's Sports Illustrated, I find a small story about an athlete and an organization who gets it--who does something good for the community or one member thereof. Unfortunately, I cannot find a link to this, so I'll write it out for your consideration:

In the midst of an Aug. 3 game against the Braves, Reds first baseman Jacob Cruz spotted what he thought was a brawl in the rightfield bleachers. "Then you realize it's not a fight," he says. "And then there's a stretcher and someone getting arted off. Then stories start trickling down." The unfortunate story, in this case, was that 49-year-old Reds fan Spencer Brock had died of a heart attack while with his six-year-old grandson, Antonio. Reds officials, realizing the boy was suddenly alone, invited Antonio into the clubhouse, where he talked to players after the game until his mother picked him up. But, says Cruz, "that's not the kind of memory you want him to have of a ball game." So Cruz began taking donations from his teammates, and last week he brought Antonio back to the park for another game--and gave him an electric scooter, a Sony PSP and a ball and glove.

With so much of the news from the world of sports being dominated by doping and Terrell Owens getting his 3 minutes on SportsCenter every night, I just thought we could all use a quick tale about an athlete who uses his position to help somebody out. Way to go, Mr. Cruz and the Cincinatti Reds.

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