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Another Box: 108 Box 45: JGR/Pro Bono (14)

Having gotten so much grist for the mill out of my previous assignment, I wrote the Generalissimo to get another box. He complied by assigning me Box 45.

Again, I find this largely useless. Some interesting stuff about NASA/Lockheed labor relations, which got handled with very little involvement from the White House. A complaint from a South African national about his victimization from crime in New York City, which Roberts bumped over to Justice. And a few other meaningless sort of "we have no objections from a legal standpoint" type of things.

But there is this:

Tom Minary has written Mr. Baker to urge him to have the Federal Bureau of Investigation launch an investigation into the "worst criminal fraud bribery and conspiracy scandal in the history of our country." That is, of course, the grain drying shrinkage schedule scandal . . .

Anybody who, upon having a job in the White House at a relatively young age, has the presence of mind to mock the typical Washington histrionics about crap that sounds like a toungue-twister to the rest of the country deserves whatever job he is qualified for--including Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

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