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And Speaking of Hypocricy . . .

Why is it that the "No More War" and "War Never Solved Anything" crowd are the ones most likely to resort to violence in a political campaign?

An Air Force officer accused of vandalizing bumper stickers supporting President Bush has been reassigned to a non-supervisory position, a military spokesman said Tuesday.

Lt. Col. Alexis Fecteau faces criminal mischief charges for allegedly blacking out Bush bumper stickers on cars at Denver International Airport and then spray-painting an expletive over them.

Add this to the lengthy list of violence against GOP campaigns and campaign workers during the 2004 election cycle, while not seeing a single credible example of violence on behalf of the GOP, and you have to ask yourself . . .

Which is the party of free speech, open debate, and a battle of ideas? And which is the party most similar to totalitarian regimes in its violent stifling of opposition?

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