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We Know There Will Be An Attempt To Derail Judge Roberts . . .

we just don't know how persistent it will be.

Tom Curry has written a piece on the MSNBC website outlining the Dems "six-pronged" attack on this nomination, though he also concludes that it is unlikely that they will succeed in defeating Roberts. It might be worth your time over the weekend, if you refuse to go do your yardwork in the 100+ degree heat.

Two things jumped out of this article at me, though most of the Dems' logic is pretty inane all around. These two just stuck me

First: Reminded that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg refused to answer several questions during her confirmation hearings in 1993, Schumer brushed that off: “It was a different time” and she was “a consensus nominee.”

Now, an intrepid reporter would have asked Schumer to elaborate on just what made that such a different time. He or she might have pressed the issue of whether Ginsburg was actually a "consensus nominee" or if it was a simple matter of the GOP recognizing the constitutional Presidential Perogative. But, apparently, there were no intrepid reporters on the scene.

And, second: Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo. released a letter he’d sent to President Bush Wednesday lamenting “that you have missed an opportunity to help create an America that includes women at all levels of our nation’s government.”

I just couldn't be prouder of my Senator.

What a dolt!

Let's see. . . all levels of government. Like, say National Security Advisor? Or perhaps, Secretary of State? How about White House Communications Director? Of course, we don't need to get too worked up over the Supreme Court because THERE'S ALREADY A WOMAN SERVING THERE!

Poor Ken. He's just having such a hard time sticking with his promises to Colorado to be moderate while trying to make his way around Schumer/Kennedy/Leahy/Reid's Washington.

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