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This Should Be Front Page News . . .

but for some reason,the WaPo relegates it to page A11.

Nonetheless, I see this as a very positive sign, along the lines of what I have been calling for for a few weeks now.

An organization of top American Muslim religious scholars plans to issue a formal ruling today condemning terrorism and forbidding Muslims to cooperate with anyone involved in a terrorist act, according to officials of two leading Islamic organizations.

The one-page ruling, or fatwa, will be issued by the Fiqh Council of North America, an association of Islamic legal scholars that interprets Islamic law for the Muslim community.

The reason this should be on the front page, of course, IS TO GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS. America and its allies can kill and arrest as many Islamicists as it wants, but it will never get all of them. Only a concerted effort within the Muslim community can accomplish the real end game, and I think this fatwa is an important step.

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