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This Is Getting To Be A Disturbing Pattern

Bashir's secret police, manning the palace entrance, had blocked many of Rice's key aides, and reporters accompanying her, from entering the building. When the tensions exploded in full view of Rice and Bashir during a photo opportunity, an infuriated Rice demanded an apology from the government.

The first indication of trouble came when Rice found herself seated next to Bashir, without her interpreter, for more than five minutes of awkward silence. The interpreter had been blocked at the gate, along with many of Rice's aides, but was finally hustled in.

Meanwhile, the Sudanese security forces blocked U.S. news media members, including this reporter, from entering the building. They forcefully pushed the foreign journalists out of the way, permitting only Sudanese journalists to enter.

This, only a couple months after a live hand grenade was found in a crowd in Tblisi, Georgia, close to where President was giving a speech, and only eight months after the President had to forcefully pull his Secret Service agent into a dinner, over the attempted restraints of Chilean security forces.

It's getting to where the administration has got to wonder if it should go around the world any more.

Now, mind you, nobody has established any criminality in either the Sudan or Chile, but three security "misunderstandings" or breakdowns in eight months with top U.S. officials is too many.

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