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Let me add my voice to the list of those denouncing Tom Tancredo for listing Mecca as a primary retaliatory target in the event of a nuclear detonation in the U.S.

First of all, Tancredo has no military background, no military power (in the Washington sense), and no military intelligence (apparently). So for anybody to take him seriously on his assessment of military targeting is silly. But for him to take himself seriously is ludicrous; much more, it's dangerous, and an elected official should know better.

But we've seen Tancredo run into his "silliness wall" a few times head first. Perhaps it's good that somebody is raising the issues--at least we have a good idea what the far-most ridiculous possibilities are that we're talking about. And I also think it's useful and important that that person happens to be a low-ranking and largely unimportant Representative from a fly-over state--it's not as if he's, oh, say, the party whip or caucus leader or something. This only becomes serious if he actually makes it on stage to a GOP Presidential debate.

I should think--hope--that we on the right are wise enough to keep our clowns backstage.

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