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One More Thought On Plame

Take this story, with all the essential facts intact, and make one little change, just to see what that does to the story. Let's try:

CIA operative makes certain arrangements so her husband can make a trip to Africa to investigate claims about WMD purchases. Her husband is a former ambassador with no counter-espionage training, no covert operative training, and little or no experience in the realm of WMD. Nonetheless, he gets the gig, going to Africa where he makes cursory inquiries. Upon his return, he issues a report which says that the supposed transaction never happened. Some time later, his credibility is undermined by the revelation of his wife's occupation.

As the lawyers say, "let's stipulate to the facts."

Now, here's where we introduce the little change: reverse political party affiliation. So Wilson/Plame are Republicans investigating a claim made by a Democratic administration.

Do you think the story would still be the outing of Plame? Or do you think the story would be about nepotism at the CIA and the credibility of the Wilson Report?

Yeah, me too.

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