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My Take

I love this choice for three reasons:

:One: the President, as he has made a habit of, thumbed his nose at the cogniscenti and picked a young, white, male with strong conservative credentials. No kowtowing to the conventional wisdom here.

:Two: the White House was very nearly brilliant in how it handled this today. The number of rumors that were flying around and keeping the press buzzing was clearly a well-coordinated disinformation campaign which guaranteed the President the first opportunity to define his nominee. I only wish I had been around to watch the Press Corp flit from one rumor to another, like a pack of hummingbirds desperate for nectar.

:Three: this nomination may break the Gang of Fourteen. The Dems, in the illustrious person of Barbra Boxer, laid the groundwork for a filibuster by calling any replacement for O'Connor "extraordinary." But, as I noted below, and remembering Sen. Prior (D-Ark) statements to FoxNews tonight, I don't think a filibuster will hold. Either they have no power, or their power will be broken. In either case, a fine choice.

In addition, Roberts has solid, nearly irrefutable, conservative credentials, and Hugh Hewitt described him as a "minimalist." In this, I think we can be comfortable that the Court will be nudged noticably to the right, and for that, we can all be thankful.

Well, except for the Left. They'll actually have to start concentrating on winning elections now.

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