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More Good News I Wonder If Anybody's Heard

The economy flashed fresh signals of strength in the last two months, with factories buzzing and cash registers ka-chinging despite high gas prices.

The latest snapshot emerging from the Federal Reserve's survey of the business climate around the country, released Wednesday, suggested the economy has bounced back nicely from a springtime soft patch. The job market showed some improvements and inflation was fairly contained, the survey also found.

It's going to become increasingly difficult for the Dems to find any traction on any issue as the country starts to wake up to the reality of the improving situation.

Add to this the possibility of a troop pullout from Iraq next spring, and the public's growing awareness of the dangers posed by the Judicial Oligarchy (by the way, someone ought to send Howard Dean a memo about this), plus the inexorable demographic trends of a population shifting towards the red states, and the makings of a long-term Republican domination are all well in place.

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