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Leave No Man Behind

From FoxNews:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Rescue teams found a member of a missing elite military team in the mountains of Afghanistan Sunday, senior military commanders told FOX News.

The soldier was wounded and will be transferred to Germany's Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (search ) at Ramstein Air Base (search), the senior commanders told FOX News.

After Last Weeks' tragedy, this has to feel WONDERFUL for the SpecOps units in Afghanistan. But there's no rest . . .

The three others that make up the rest of the special operations team remain missing and U.S. forces continue the search. Defense Department officials declined to confirm specific reports that three Navy SEALs (search) were being sought.

The military commanders told FOX News they believe the rest of the elite team is alive but refused to discuss details of the operation.

Continue to pray for our boys in the wilderness and those looking for them.

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