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In Case You Missed The Good News

(HT: John Andrews)

Colorado could take comfort in a positive employment report on Friday amid news of massive job cuts hundreds of miles away at Ford and Kimberly-Clark.

The state saw jobs increase by 2.3 percent in the first half of the year, continuing to advance at a faster clip than the rest of the country, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

But, I thought our state was paralyzed!! I thought TABOR had rendered us all but unable to get out of bed in the morning!!

I'm not blind to the budgetary difficulties produced by TABOR. Unfortunately, I think supporters of Referenda C & D ARE blind to the possibilities that this economy could recover very nicely without the massive fix they are proposing.

At this point, I would urge defeat of C & D, followed by aggressively using the mechanisms built in to TABOR to relieve some of the short-term crunch, followed by a serious proposal to alter both TABOR and Amendment 23 to protect the state from the sort of fluctuations we saw in the last four years.

But one thing at a time: defeat C & D.

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