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How Far Off The Deep End?

Tonight I had the strange occasion to listen to the Rhandi Rhoades Show. For those of you who have never inadvertently drifted onto Denver/Boulder AM 760, which is the local outlet for Air America, she is the drive time "personality" across from Hugh Hewitt.

I know, I know. . .but every once in a while I drift over during commercials to hear what's brewing in the fever swamp. And tonight was a doozy!

I don't have the exact transcript, so I'm going off of memory. But at one point she was talking about the Karl Rove thing, and discussing how high-level contacts are made and with whom and etc. And she actually said this:

"Because that's who they would have been talking to. Somebody wants to talk to me, they go through an assistant first, and if they can't answer the question, then I make a call. So, C.J.Cregg, Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney. . .these people get talked to unless the primaries are the only ones who can answer . . ." Or something very close to that.

Do you notice a name in there that, well, just doesn't belong?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Left actually believes that Claudia Jean Cregg, the White spokesperson-turned-Chief-of-Staff on THE WEST WING is actually a real person who could figure into a story in the real world. An inadvertent misspeak? Perhaps. More like a Freudian Slip. The Left would like nothing more than for the whole premise of The West Wing to be true, and real, and just around the corner.

Do you suppose it's any coincidence that the person who is taking credit for pushing this story into the mainstream is none other than Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr., the Executive Producer of The West Wing? Is it just a coincidence, I suppose, that O'Donnell revealed on the Al Franken Show yesterday (I know--the things I do for the blogging public) that the West Wing will be developing a story line this season about a White House leak?

By the way, after about 15 minutes of Rhandi Rhoades, I'd had enough. I was even making an effort to get inside the mindset of a Lefty to see if I could imagine her show being entertaining. I concluded that not in a million years. All the hyperbole, rhetoric, and venom would just cause me a headache--that's why, I suppose, it's called the "fever swamp." But I suppose the Right has their share of that, too . . . that's why I never listen to Michael Savage. For my listening buck, give me sweet reason, logic, considerate debate, and normal speaking volumes.

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