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Did Anybody See This??

Yeah, me neither. (HT: RCP)

President Bush's approval ratings stand at 49%, against 48% disapproval, in a survey taken by Gallup from July 22-24. This is a 9-point shift in the President's favor from a survey taken just one month ago (which was 45% approve, 53% dis-).

In other interesting findings of the survey, John Roberts is favored for approval by the Senate by a 59-22 margin, though voters expect by 51-42 a "major fight."

Also, this survey found that voters identify themselves as "pro-choice" over "pro-life" by a 51-42 margin. This, of course, is a notably smaller margin than Nancy Pelosi would have you believe. But then, Nancy Pelosi. . .

Also of great interest in this poll is that it is of "National Adults," not "registered voters" or "likely voters." I been told that this normally skews a poll by as much as 3 points towards the Left. If that is true in this case, as well, then these poll results are quite positive, indeed.

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