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Complete Aside

Enough of the serious stuff for a moment.

I hope everybody out there has taken the time to look up for a moment at the wonderful world of sports, because there were two things happening this weekend that are for the ages.

First of all, Tiger Woods wins the British Open by FIVE STROKES, on the same weekend that Jack Nicklaus plays in his last major tournament. First of all, the juxtaposition of the retirement of the greates golfer the world has ever seen with the person who will soon eclipse his records is wonderful, and probably completely unique to the game of golf. But secondly, winning the Open by five strokes has to qualify as an astounding feat of athletic acheivement by any measure.

And secondly, Lance Armstrong continues to dominate the Tour de France, extending his lead to well over two minutes. That man is just a freak--and I mean it in a good sense.

The reason I point these out is that when we watch politics too long, we tend to see and to focus on people at their very worst. Every once in a while we need to see people at their very best to remind us of what we strive for; all too often, that only happens in the field of athletic competition.

So take a moment to ponder the wonders that can be acheived when talent and skill are matched with dedication and singularity of purpose. You can go back to watching politics later.

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